About us

I had never had a dog in my life, but in January 2011 I said to myself that eventually I had more free time, so I started looking for a dog which would fit to horses. For many reasons I wanted a purebred dog. The main reason was the guarantee of a good health of the dog and then I did no desire to see that the dog would grow up to a different breed than I had chosen. After a long time of considering the matter I chose the Australian Shepherd. I came across the offer of kennel Amazonka that is situated only 20 kilometers from us in Okna. When my husband and I went to Amazonka kennel to choose a dog baby, we could not agree on just one, so we took two - Capita and Coffee Amazonka. :-) I do not regret it and I am so delighted by the character of this breed and of our ladies as such. It is exactly what I had expected - active dog that loves its family, welcome every visitor and is very good with other animals. Unfortunately Capi does not like men because she has a bad experience from her puppy age. She is happy the most when she spends her time with just us and our cru. :-) When we take a walk together even if I am riding a horse, they always follow me and do not tend to run after a deer or a hare, they watch me all the time to make sure that I will not get too far from them and they will not lose me somewhere.

I had not been planning to attend conformation dog shows, but my girls are so beautiful that I began to do so. Of course, I wanted to train them somehow and that is why I decided to go to trainings. We do obedience and agility. :-)The girls are very good at everything but I would not say it about myself. :-)

You know, before you start attending dog shows, there should be a warning sing somewhere, like on the cigarette boxes: BE AWARE, IT IS ADDICTIVE AND NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. It is the truth, mainly the "not good for you", because sometimes I jog a lot on the show, but my nerves suffer. :-)))))) Immediately after we got our first credit, I have begun to wonder if other judges would like us...... We have started attending more dog shows, but I cannot get rid of the feeling that I spoil the good performance of my girls. :-(

Girls do not want to do the fetching, so one day my husband and I decided to get a male that I would try to train "more". :-) Therefore, Carson Medvědí tlapa came to our family. I have made a resolution that I am going to take some exams with Capi and Coffe this year 2013, for example ZOP or ZZO. :-) If we do not manage it, it is OK. I will keep training them for pleasure and we will spend a great time together. :-)))))

For pleasure I breed several kinds of 'animal babies' like chickens, turkey poults, or quails . We also do sheep, goat and bunny breeding. Every other year our family is delighted by foals - www.navetrnehurce.cz . Most of our babies go to our friends and kind people. :-)

My kennel was approved - he name is CHS - Cofi Capito. :-) I am looking forward to my puppies.  My aim is to breed excellent dogs of a nice appearance and good temperament. 

I have the same goal in horse-breeding in which I have succeeded.  Of course I keep the first lovely filly that was born in 2007. She is not only beautiful, but in sport she is one of the best young mares of her age. To all that superlatives I must note that she loves petting very much. :-) Other horses are still juniors, but they have proved a good character.

Because of the reasons that I mentioned before, I have paid a great attention to selection of the grooms for my princesses.  The most important requirements are good health and character of the males. Our dogs have all important health tests, so I want the same from the grooms :-) The whole family is looking forward to our dog babies, mainly me and my children. We would like to keep one puppy for ourselves. It will become a part of our family.

Péťa and Pája are "lending" their toys to Carson






The History of our Project




30/11/2012 THE APPROVAL OF CHS [KENNEL] Cofi Capito