About Aussies


I have placed the description of the breed standard in this file. However, I would like to share my opinion on Aussies. I have three members of the breed - two females and a male. Each of them is a unique personality, but they have many characteristics which are the same for all of them.











Carson, Cofee, Capi


Aussies are extraordinarily intelligent, which is evident in everyday life. They learn everything very easily and quickly and have a great memory. They have deep-seated instinct to herd and protect, so they could be used in moving the herd of animals even without a special training, which is beneficial for us, because we have sheep, goats, horses and poultry in our farm.

Carson in an inside training area

I really appreciate the devotion of our dogs to the family. They are very friendly and patient with the children. I have two sons who have been growing up with the dogs and I have had no problem when they play together.  We bought the first dogs when one of my sons was 2 and the other was 6 months. The boys know that the dogs are not toys, but living creatures, so they should not hurt the dogs, but it sometimes happens that they "squeeze" them too much or tie them down somehow. Our dogs are great, they never snarl or bite them.

Our darlings having fun with my little boys

Another thing I appreciate very much is that my dogs do not tend to run away when we go to the countryside, so they are very good with horses and do not stalk animals. When they see the deer, I just call to them and they keep following me. They stay with me and the horse, because they do not want to lose me. :-)

They are very friendly with other dogs. I do agility and obedience with them, so I am very happy for their good behavior and attitude to work.

Cofee in training with me in ZKO Slovanka

Aussies love space, movement and water. :-) It is important for them not to be bored. Our dogs live in outside kennels. I think they are happy there, because when we come home from work, we try to be with them as much as possible. I am also sure that Aussies could live in a flat as well. Our dogs love lying on the sofa and it is hard to get them off. :-)

Carsonek and his favourite spot

The hair of Aussies is a big advantage of this breed, because the hair does not have to be cleaned, it cleans itself. When the dogs get dirty from the mud in the evening, the next day I find beautiful dogs and the "dust" on the floor of the kennels which has got off them over night. I comb the hair once every other week and before going to the dog show. :-)

My little boys with little Carson

I must say that I wanted a breed which has good health, is good with children and animals, can do dog sports and go with me on the horse ride. Aussies are ideal family dogs and the best breed I could have chosen. :-)

Citunka with me on her back and my darlings in front of her

I hope that my dogs would give all of the characteristics I have mentioned to their offspring and we would make you a happy owner of happy Aussies. :-)